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We are a media NGO that aims to bring positively Africa into the news, we want to inform foreign nationals and immigrants in Malta. As a media organization our aim is to develop an inclusive multi media network where all the members can find a place to debate. Our objectives are to utilize any media forms  to broadcast news and information relating to living in Malta and in Europe.


We promote Africa, we aim to cover more countries and languages through radio and multi language web-zine. We try to identify special difficulties and challenges for the African immigrants and  bring them to the attention of Government and lobby for changes. We assist migrants in any way possible, including training, mentoring, coaching, capacity building. 


We also promote media and digital literacy, empowerment through jobs related skills and advocacy.

We work with partner organisations to further our aims.





Africa Media Malta is bringing positively Africa into the News with multi media reporting. Listen to our best podcasts


News, in dept analysis, History, Economy, Culture

Africa is determined by catastrophes...

We tell the story starting from the root of the disease

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Our Social projects

The Real Picture

The Real Picture is a project by 9 partners from France, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Nigeria and Malta under the leadership of VisMedNet Association of Malta.

It is a Strategic Partnership for Youth funded under the Erasmus+ programme that engages young people in social media strategies for public education on the subject of migration and it builds on the success of another project that started up the MARSA project campaign. 

The Real Picture will take up the campaign, widen its scope and work to help diminish the damage of misinformation and perception that migration is a decision taken lightly and not one that, in most cases, is made out of fear, poverty and persecution.


UpGrad_Me, is a resource for youth workers to help migrant youths utilise social media for personal branding:

presenting themselves in a professional manner to potential employers,

creating videos CV of them describing their competences and communication skills.

Including a URL of a YouTube video of themselves, migrant youths can help overcome potential stigmas and stereotypes before having an interview.

Starting up a multilingual podcast funded by the US Embassy Malta

Migrants Skills Register connect skilled migrants with employers
  Placing migrants into employment

Creation Of AMAM with "Voice of Migrants" Podcast with EEA Grant

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In the shadow of Covid-19, the Mediterranean is the scene of an overlooked "tragedy"

May 22, 2020

Legal channels of migration

April 20, 2020

Do not disturb or I will beat you: I am busy talking while stationed in the middle of the roadway

March 29, 2020

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