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The Project: Summary

Migrant youths are at risk of low employability potential due to local prejudice, linguistic barriers, cultural differences and lack of recognition of their skills/ experience/ qualifications from back home.

Our project,  UpGrad_Mewill reverse these trends by creating resources for youth workers to help migrant youths utilise social media for personal branding:

presenting themselves in a professional manner to potential employers, creating videos of them describing their competences (to add to their CVs) using Google Tools present on their smart phones (Google Docs, etc) which can help them enhance their employability.

Project funded by  

Malta, Spain, Italy


Google Docs and Drive can help them keep their CV updated, rather than depending on others to draft one for them. Including a URL to a YouTube video of themselves, migrant youths can help overcome potential stigmas and stereotypes before having an interview, by being able to present themselves and their linguistic skills through video. Youth Workers need to be equipped to promote migrant youths' employability since this is one of the ways to promote their overall social inclusion and integration in society. 

In order to manage

and Implement UpGrad_Me,

we will conduct various

activities in

Malta, Spain and Italy,

roping in youth workers

to train migrant youths

by the time the project

is concluded.