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A part of EU

The general objective of the “A Part of EU 2030” project is to promote the participation of youth migrants, minorities, and third countries nationals, through the 17 SDGs of the Agenda 2030.

It is funded under the Erasmus + programe.

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Ideal Migration 

The project aims to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal migration and misinformation about the journey to Europe as well as the actual conditions when reaching the hosting countries. 

Funded by the European Commission

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Radio Literacy

The RadioLit  project  aims to fight against drug and substance abuse by using media literacy, in particular radio and podcast. It targets young people from a migrant background, aged between 16 to 30. Funded by the US Embassy Malta. 


Include-Circular Economy

Reducing the digital divide in technological skills, readiness, and resilience of
migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, ethnic minorities   for collaboration, social and labor inclusion
through the

philosophy of circular economic system

via re-use, repairing, refurbish

of second hand digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets repurposed into educational devices and assets of the target group.


Podcast for Inclusion

Creating a dynamic training course in podcast literacy for the empowerment of young migrant men/ women, local and European youths, aged between 13-30 in creating content about Human Rights issues, monitored by professional journalists as trainers.

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Moving Beyond The Single Story: Combating Social Exclusion through Media Literacy

SMITE: With this project we aim to address our single stories; our overly simplified and inaccurate opinions of persons, groups, or countries as well as to the stereotypes that are formed by them. Funded  under  the The Active Citizens Fund


Blog contributors


We offer you the possibility to become a blog contributor and share you opinions, thoughts expertise, knowledge with the communities. You can write, film, speak about any topics that can have an impact in the community. We will be happy to share it with our audience!



UpGrad_Me 2.0


Labour orientation and career counselling is important for migrant young people. Through career guidance, they can discover what are their skills and the best professional field for them.

Gamification is a good way to favour this career guidance.

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A migrant led initiative which aims to tackle integration related matters leading to policy changes. In collaboration with the  Intercultural and Anti-Racism Unit



UpGrad_Me is a project under The Erasmus + programme. It is a resource for youth workers to help migrant youths utilise social media for personal branding, presenting themselves in a professional manner to potential employers using a video CV. 

Success Stories among Refugees and Asylum seekers

The project aims to celebrate the success stories of refugees/asylum seekers in Malta by specifically highlighting the triumphs that they achieved following their arrival in Malta.

The Real Picture

It is a Strategic Partnership for Youth funded under the Erasmus+ programme that engages young people in social media strategies for public education on the subject of migration.

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