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African Media Association Malta

Bringing Africa Positively Into The News

The African Perspective

African Media Association Malta  is a media NGO

that promotes The African Perspective

with News - Empowerment - Advocacy



​Our mission  is to support African migrants in any possible way,  in particular through communication with  broadcast news, stories and information relating to living in Malta and in Europe through our  online community radio, web magazine, video clips and podcasts.


We  empower immigrants with capacity building activities through our integration projects ( local and EU funded)  that impart life and soft skills, media and digital literacy.


​In terms of advocacy, we identify special challenges of the African immigrants in Malta and lobby for positive changes by bringing them to the attention of Governments and other relevant authorities, and to achieve that, we belong to, and work with numerous advocacy groups active in Malta and abroad.



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Africa Media Malta is bringing positively Africa into the News with multi media reporting. Listen to our best podcasts

Creation Of AMAM with "Voice of Migrants" Podcast with EEA Grant


News, in dept analysis, History, Economy, Culture

Africa is determined by catastrophes...

We tell the story starting from the root of the disease

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Our Social projects

UpGrad_Me 2.0 is the continuation of UpGrad_Me project, which promoted self branding through a video CV using a mobile phone. The gamified experience brings innovation to the project by providing a context for understanding through experience.


aims to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal migration and misinformation about the journey to Europe as well as the actual conditions when reaching the hosting countries.

The Real Picture is a project 

It is a Strategic Partnership for Youth funded under the Erasmus+ programme that engages young people in social media strategies for public education on the subject of migration.


UpGrad_Me, is a resource for youth workers to help migrant youths utilise social media for personal branding:

presenting themselves in a professional manner to potential employers.

 Multilingual podcast 
Funded by the US Embassy Malta

Migrants Skills Register connect skilled migrants with employers
Placing migrants into employment


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Our Social projects

Radio Literacy (RadioLit)

against drug and substance abuse is a project on media literacy and empowerment for refugees and young people from a migrant background, aged between 16 to 30. 

Success Stories RAS

Success Stories among Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Malta were put on video, a project whose aim is to showcase the abilities and integration efforts of Refugees into the Maltese society.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2021 celebrated every year on June 20, we published four videos portraying success stories of refugees and asylum seekers.

Turning The Tables

AMAM In collaboration with The Anti Racism Unit organises a series of conferences  tackling  various topics related to the integration of Third country nationals in Malta. Topics ares Eduction



Political Rights 


Trauma and migration. A conversation with the psychologist Oyinka Sola Oladipupo

Trauma and migration. A conversation with the psychologist Oyinka Sola Oladipupo

Trauma and migration. A conversation with the psychologist Oyinka Sola Oladipupo

Autty Samba, owner of the Samba Afri Glam fashion shop in Birkirkara opens up about her passion.

African woman On the Road to Entrepreneurship: you can do it

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