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Africa Weekly Brief 30/08

Burqa shop. Credit picture: Oxfam Uk

Afghan refugees arrive in Uganda

They are 51 in total. Men, women and children that are part of a first batch of 2000 people that the west African country has accepted to temporarily host.

In a statement, the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign affairs said that “The Government of the Republic of Uganda this morning received 51 evacuees from Afghanistan who arrived aboard a privately chartered flight at the Entebbe International Airport”.

In a tweet, the US mission in Uganda wrote its appreciation to Uganda.

Following the seizure of the country by the Taliban and the withdrawal of American troops from the country, thousands of civilians are desperate to flee the country in order to escape the hard islamic regime likely to be imposed by the new rulers.

Uganda was among the countries that have accepted to host selected civilians while waiting for their resettlement to the US.

African Cup of Nations draw ceremony

The most awaited 2021 African Cup of Nations ( AFCON) has started to roll out its activities with the draw ceremony hosted in Yaounde in Cameroon on August 17.

24 countries have qualified to cross swords during the nearly one month tournament whose backstage is captivating football lovers across the continent. Big names of African football were present at the lavish ceremony during which six groups were formed.

From Ivory Coast, Didier Drogba. Samuel Eto'o from Cameroon. Asamoah Gyan coming from Ghana. The Algerian Raba Madjer or Gaelle Enganamouit, representing women's football, just to name a few.

The tournament will kick off on January 9 and close on February 6. The opening match will pit Cameroon against Burkina Faso.

Scheduled to be held in January this year, the event was postponed because of the pandemic and rescheduled for the year 2022. It nevertheless kept its original name TotalEnergy AFCON 2021 for sponsorship purposes.

The incoherence of Covid Rules in France.

Traveling to France in August with a Green pass.

I travelled to Paris on August 23 with my Covid green pass well in order.

I boarded a packed plane at the Malta airport and arrived at Roissy Charles de Gaulle. From there I took a packed RER B to the Gare du Nord.

I was never asked to show the green pass. Then I travelled to Normandy a day after in another train (TER) where no pass was needed.

Then I tried to have a coffee at a coffee shop. From there on, I had to present the green pass. Same thing to enter a cinema, visit a greenhouse in a garden or access a Golf course to watch my nephew play. No pass was required to board a `packed bus at Le Havre, to shop in a packed Mall, buy clothes or shoes. But at the time to have a break at a coffee shop, the pass was required.

It all seems illogic. It is fuel into the anti-vax engine.

Where is the logic behind boarding a packed train without a pass, a packed bus, then being forbidden to sit in a restaurant because of no pass?

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