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VIDEO: African woman On the Road to Entrepreneurship : the mindset is the solution

Updated: May 16

"A positive mindset is the foundation stone of any successful business", says Lorraine Fotso, a Quality Engineer working behind the scenes to become a successful businesswoman. For the series Empowering Communities, she shares insightful advice on the entrepreneurial mindset to have


Taking up the subject of entrepreneurship, Fotso first highlights the importance of mindset, pointing out that mentality is the foundation stone of any successful business. "It's primordial," she says. 

As for starting a business, Fotso  offers valuable insights. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to choose an industry they are passionate about, as this is the key to long-term success. By providing a concrete example, she explains how to attract and retain customers, emphasizing the importance of quality service and building strong customer relationships.

Learn, learn, learn! Do it without moderation!

She  highlights the importance of continuous learning, decrying the fact that this is often far too underestimated: "Learn, learn, learn, do it without moderation" is her advice. In an ever-changing world, with artificial intelligence and new technologies, being open to learning and adapting is essential to staying competitive and innovative in the marketplace.

Credit Photo African Media: for the video series "Empowering communities", The Quality Engineer Lorraine Fotso shares Business advices directed to young African women on a path to economic independence.

As a woman entrepreneur-to-be of Cameroonian origin, Fotso  is also determined to encourage the emancipation of women, particularly African women. She firmly believes that entrepreneurship is a powerful way for women to take control of their lives and realize their full potential.

In the second part of the interview, Fotso briefly takes up the subject of marriage, pointing out that it should not be seen as an end. She encourages women to pursue their career aspirations and not limit themselves because of their marital status. Lorraine Fotso's interview offers a wealth of valuable advice for those considering entrepreneurship. Her passion, wisdom, and experience make her an inspiration to all those who aspire to turn their dreams into business reality.

As Henry Ford so accurately says: "Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." With Fotso's advice, anyone is  well-equipped to navigate the entrepreneurial path with confidence and determination.

An example of how we might interpret Fotso's words and advice in real life:

Putting her advice into practice.

Let's simulate a business idea: the creation of a Restaurant called Continan

Crédit Photo Logo Fotso's advice

Restaurant name: Continan

Concept: Continan is more than just a restaurant; it's an immersive gastronomic experience that transports guests to the heart of Cameroonian and Maltese culture. Located in a lively area of Malta, our establishment offers a unique fusion of exotic flavors, traditional dishes revisited, and an authentic atmosphere that invites our guests to experience a true culinary adventure.

Decoration: Inspired by the rich cultural diversity of Cameroon, Continan's decor artfully combines traditional elements with a Maltese touch of modernity. Colorful textiles, handcrafted sculptures, and murals depicting Cameroonian flora and fauna and Maltese seashores and lanes create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the picturesque landscapes of Cameroon, and the beauty of the island of Malta.

Menu: Our menu offers a tempting selection of authentic Cameroonian dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. Among our flagship dishes, guests can enjoy :

  • DG chicken (chicken sautéed with plantains), which could be revisited with rabbit, a typical Maltese dish,

  • Ndolé (a dish of cassava leaves with meat or fish),

  • Mbongo (a spicy ragout made from meat and vegetables).

We also offer a variety of dishes to suit all palates.

Atmosphere: To create an immersive experience, Continan offers regular cultural events, such as performances of traditional Cameroonian and Maltese music and dance, live cooking demonstrations and exhibitions of Cameroonian and Maltese handicrafts. These events allow customers to discover the richness of Cameroonian culture while staying true to Maltese charm by sampling delicious dishes.

Marketing strategy: Our marketing strategy is based on creating a unique and memorable experience for our customers.

  • We use social networks to share attractive photos and videos of our dishes, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers.

  • Word of mouth, special place settings for regular customers and more are just some of the concepts we tend to implement to make our customers feel different or even special from how they're used to being treated.

  • We also collaborate with local influencers on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, and organize special events to attract attention and generate interest in our restaurant.

With its innovative concept, exotic flavors and immersive atmosphere, Continan is set to become a must-visit on the Cameroonian and Maltese gastronomic scene.

The development of the business idea was done with the support of Ai.


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