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Presidential swearing-in ceremony in Malta

For the 11th time since its independence, an investiture ceremony was done in honour of Myriam Spiteri Debono, the newly President-elect of the Republic of Malta. It was a memorable day for the Republic of Malta.

Photo African Media. The newly elected president of Malta greets the crowd from the balcony of the Grand master's Palace on 04/04/2024

The  event began with an orchestra strolling through the streets of Valletta before the  amazed eyes of the Maltese and tourists, some of which came specifically for the occasion.

The ceremony took place at the Grand Master's Palace and was broadcast live. 

Incumbent Prime Minister Robert Abela, accompanied by the First Lady, were the first to arrive at Plazza St. George, shortly followed by the outgoing President, H.E. George Vella, also accompanied by his spouse. The National Anthem was played by the orchestra.

They were reunited inside the Grand Master’s Palace with the newly elected Head of State, who was already present inside the building, along with all members of the Parliament. 

Spiteri Debono was formally sworn in as President of the Republic of Malta by Incumbent House Speaker, Angelo Farrugia, and immediate former Presidents H.E George Vella, H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and H.E George Abela. In her first speech, the new Head of State set out her wishes for her 5-year term of office and announced the pillars of her future policy.

Photo African Media. The Arm Forces of Malta executed the National anthem during the ceremony

Ahead of the ceremony, Spiteri Debono attended a solemn mass officiated by Malta’s Archbishop Charles Scicluna, at St John’s co-cathedral located in Valletta. Such attendance reaffirms the Maltese people's attachment to Catholicism.

The ceremony ended with an appearance of the newly sworn President at the Grand Master’s Palace balcony, from where she waved to the crowd gathered at Plazza St. George. 

Myriam Spiteri Debono is the 3rd female President of Malta. She is also the 4th consecutive honorable member of the Labour political party to hold this position.

Spiteri Debono previously served as President of  the Labour Party’s women section between 1993 and 1996. Afterwards, she was appointed as Speaker  of the House  from 1996  to  1998, and she was the first woman to hold the position. 

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