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Discovering the Flavors of Bugibba: A Culinary Journey through the Streets of Malta

Updated: May 2

At the heart of the backstreets of Bugibba, Malta, lies a vibrant mix of cultures, traditions, and, above all, culinary delights. In our quest to explore the food preferences of the locals, we undertook a micro trottoir, intending to uncover the tastes of the community.

Credit Photo African Media, First group of people interviewed by the Team

With the African Media team, we strolled the busy streets of Bugibba, camera in hand and smiles on our faces. But right from the beginning, we were confronted with an unexpected reality: the timidity of local people to share their food preferences. Some looked away, while others simply dodged our questions with a shy smile.

Yet, despite these obstacles, we persisted and were rewarded with mouth-watering narratives from those willing to share their culinary experiences. From delicious Maltese pastizzi to Mediterranean flavors, not forgetting African, Indian, and even Eastern European restaurants, they are all part of Bugibba's inhabitants' habits, revealing a particular affinity for varied, authentic cuisine.

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For many, traditional dishes are more than just a source of nutrition, as is the case here with the famous Maltese rabbit; they reflect their family heritage, a need to pass on this legacy to future generations, to commemorate childhood memories and reinforce their sense of belonging to a community and proudly display their culture.

Overall, our experience at Bugibba taught us that food is a universal language that breaks down linguistic and cultural barriers, connecting people over time and regardless of their origins. They comforted this quote from Julia Child who famously said "People who love to eat are always the best." And in Bugibba, we discovered a passionate community devoted to the art of good eating and entertaining. 

While our street interview wasn't without its challenges, it was an opportunity to celebrate the richness of culinary diversity and strengthen the bonds that unite us as human beings.

So, if you're a lover of good food, don't hesitate to venture into the streets of Bugibba. Who knows what delights await you around every corner?

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