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Discover Malta's African Flavor: Food, Hair, and Handicrafts in Hamrun, Buggiba, Marsa and Gzira

Malta, although located in close proximity to Africa, has a relatively small African population, particularly from sub-Saharan Africa. For Africans living there, it can sometimes be difficult to find specific products for their cooking and personal care, such as specialized hair products for afro hair or ingredients for authentic African recipes. However, there are places on the island where you can find a variety of African products.

In this article, we will explore the neighborhoods of Hamrun, Buggiba and Marsa, where you can find African restaurants, stores selling African food and cosmetics, as well as hair salons specializing in African hair.

Hamrun, Buggiba and Marsa, have become a popular destination for those seeking to experience African culture in Malta or simply for those looking for specific African products for their cooking or personal care.

In Hamrun, there are several African restaurants offering authentic African dishes such as jollof rice, yassa chicken, mafe and ndole. African hair salons in Hamrun also offer a variety of services for afros such as braids, pigtails, wigs, extensions and hair care.

Buggiba is another area in Malta where you can find a wide variety of African products. There are several African stores offering products such as African spices, hair and body care products, African clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Marsa is also known for its African stores offering a variety of African food and cosmetic products. Food products include plantains, cassava, pondu and African vegetables, while cosmetics include body lotions, specialized hair products for Afro hair and essential oils.

In addition to these options, the Afro Deli and Coffee restaurant is a great choice for authentic African dishes. Located in Gzira, this East and West African restaurant offers hearty and affordable dishes such as braised fish, roasted chicken and rice dishes

These places are therefore ideal for discovering the African culture in Malta, or finding what you are looking for, whether it be food, hair or handicrafts. If you are in Malta and looking to discover African culture, be sure to visit these vibrant and exciting places.

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