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An injured African migrant dumped by the side of the road by his employer

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The man was found by passersby who called the police and an ambulance. Photo from Facebook (Galea)

A heart breaking story...another one, involving a migrant being treated like an animal, by one of those who exploit them beyond disgust, backed by racist institutions that close the blind eye on well documented abuses by unscrupulous "employers".

According to reports, the man is a Gambian citizen who fell from a two storey building while working on a construction site.

His employer drove him to an isolated area and abandoned him by the side of the road, because the man is undocumented and will not dare report the uncaring abuser.

An Anti racism strategy will be launched soon by the government. Maybe it will be a good idea to show a piece of this report during the conference, a piece of the videos circulating, to show what backing racism can turn human beings into.

This is the failure of the government. This " employer" knew very well that nothing would happen to him. In such situation, the migrant should not be asked to file a report. He is afraid, he is vulnerable, he needs help.

The state should take over and prosecute the monster responsible.

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