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A Grave Injustice: A Bill of Indictment Against The Young Men Of The El Hiblu 3 Case

The Attorney General of Malta has issued a Bill of Indictment against Abdalla, Amara, and Kader, also known as the El Hiblu 3. They have been wrongly charged with a long list of serious crimes which could carry life imprisonment.

The charges include:

1-3: Acts of Terrorism and terrorist activities (two counts, punishment for each count is 7 years to life imprisonment).

4-5: Illegal arrest, detention and confinement (two counts, first 7 years to life imprisonment; second, 13 months to 3 years)

6: Unlawful removal of persons to a foreign country or unlawful confinement (one count: 13 months to 3 years).

7-9: Private Violence (3 counts, first: 18 months – 5 years; second: 1-4 years; third 3-6 months, plus 4,000-11,500 euro fine).

A coalition of Human Rights activists fighting for the dropping of the charges against the young men expressed their anger and grievance against the Maltese Attorney General which "has ignored the testimonies heard during the compilation of evidence over the last four and a half years, which demonstrate the indisputable innocence of the El Hiblu 3".

The coalition accuses the Attorney General of holding the three young men responsible for the general tension on board during and after rescue by the vessel El HIBLU 1.

It's worth mentioning that Abdalla, Amara, and Kader helped calm a highly charged situation on board the ship. Thanks to them, lives were saved. Thanks to them, people did not jump overboard. Thanks to them, no one was hurt. Thanks to them, any misunderstandings with the crew were addressed.

Over the years, through large media coverage and testimonies from the witnesses, it is undeniable that the El Hiblu 3 did the right thing: they helped diffuse a tense situation at sea and helped prevent an illegal pushback to Libya. Abdalla, Amara, and Kader are heroes, not criminals!

The coalition believes that In charging the three young men, the Maltese authorities have missed an opportunity to rectify a grave injustice that has unfolded over nearly five years.

The actions of Kader, Amara and Abdallah should be celebrated, instead of being criminalised.

Free the El Hiblu 3!

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