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20th of February - World Day of Social Justice

According to the United Nations, social justice refers to equality for all and the capacity for each human being to have benefit of social and economic progress without discrimination.

Promoting social justice is not only a question of creating more jobs and raising incomes. It is also a question of rights, dignity, freedom of expression for workers, as well as economic, social and political independence.

What is about Migration and Social Justice ?

For the International Labour Organization, migrant workers and job seekers, constitute the majority of international migrants and are vulnerable to human trafficking throughout their migration process.

→ 150 million of labour migrants in search of better job opportunities. → In 2016, 89 million of people experienced some form of modern slavery for periods of time ranging from a few days to the whole five years (Global estimates of modern slavery Report, 2017, ILO).

Read the International Labour Conference Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization :

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