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DIER: Breaching Conditions of employment

The worker can forward the complaint to the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations if work conditions have not been observed.The complaint must be supported by documents.

The Department will investigate and take the necessary measures.

In a prescriptive period of one year a criminal action can be instituted by the Department.

According to civil law to institute civil action against your employer can not prejudice the employee’s right.

A complaint can also be lodged by a employee on the DIER office for fails pay a wages due. They will investigate and make decision according the circumstances.

If the law has been breached, the employer concerned is contacted and the Department follows the situation.

In the case which the employer continues to breach the law, criminal proceeding against the employer are initiated.

In case of unfair dismissal, discriminatory treatment, infringement of the principle of equal pay for work of equal value, victimization, harassment and all the cases which refer to the Industrial Tribunal, the employee as a private individual can institute action before this Tribunal.

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