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Unleashing the Power of the Circular Economy: The INCLUDE-CE Project Empowers Ethnic Minorities

The persisting digital divide continues to cast a shadow over the lives of numerous migrants and racial minorities despite the speedy pace of global innovation. However, a sunshine can be seen against this depressing background of inequality thanks to the "Inclusion and Digital Empowerment through Circular Economy" project, known as INCLUDE-CE, which promises to provide marginalized communities empowerment.

African Media received second hand laptops from ACROUD, a Company with a solid Corporate Social Responsibility. In the picture, Regine Nguini , Director of African Media and Karen Sullivan, HR/Office Coordinator at ACROUD

The INCLUDE-CE project's fundamental goal is to close the digital gap that keeps immigrants and members of racial and ethnic minorities from being technologically proficient, prepared, and resilient. Thus, it seeks to achieve more than merely social integration.

In doing so, it strives to promote the development of cooperative ecosystems and labor inclusion, all of which are supported by the tenets of a circular economic system.

The unified power of a consortium made up of five passionate partner groups serves as the guide for this journey. These organisations, scattered across Europe, are united by a dedication to exert constructive influence in each of their local communities as follows:

  1. African Media Association Malta (AMAM) that seeks to bring Africa positively in the news, is based in Malta's picturesque coastlines,

  2. Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF) is a solid and highly professional partner from Spain

  3. Taking steps in the nation of Cyprus is CARDET with its expertise in IT.

  4. Arciragazzi Portici is an Italian champion in the support of minorities,

  5. Mindshift, firmly planted in Portugal, delivers training across the country.

These organisations set out every day on a noble mission, working on a variety of programs with migrants. They provide training that builds skills, sparks empowerment, and most importantly, ignites a passion for digital technology. Their range of programs includes activism, civic engagement, and the exciting field of citizen journalism.

An interesting aspect of The INCLUDE-CE project is the collection of used laptops and digital devices, which will find new owners in the hands of students after two intense training courses. By giving outdated devices new life, this charitable activity not only gives people the skills they need to succeed in the digital era, but also moves us closer to a sustainable and circular economy.

The INCLUDE-CE project unfolds across several vital work packages, each meticulously designed to nurture digital literacy and foster inclusivity:

  • Very important is the Work package 2, the E-Learning platform, which is housed in the project's website. This multifaceted hub provides a wealth of information and will be accessible to both professionals and immigrants. The "Guide of Good Practices on the use of ICT through the circular economy" will be located in the professional sector. Meanwhile, immigrants, refugees, and members of racial and ethnic minorities will have access to a plethora of information, including a course on digital literacy, a computer-based course on active job search, and a lively news section enriched with insightful information.

  • The Work package 3 is the digital literacy course for migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and ethnic minorities: With five different modules, It will introduce students to the concept of circular economy, explore the internal workings of personal computers, navigate the labyrinth of the internet, go deep into cloud computing, and provide knowledge on setting up and maintaining email accounts.

  • The Work package 4 is a training course oriented to active job search by immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and ethnic minorities: Here, there will be the creation of a multilingual training tool, with the objectives to enhance their employability and create a unique personal brand that stands out in the complex web of job searches. The art of setting professional objectives, the skill of developing multiple CV formats, and the nuances of creating profiles on online job search platforms are all covered in the modules. The training also reaches out to help job seekers navigate the challenging environment of videoconference interviews.

The INCLUDE-CE project, which is being developed in the context of a circular economy, represents an important step forward in the areas of social inclusion, digital empowerment, and sustainability. Its impact will go well beyond its partners and beneficiaries, as its roots grow and its branches spread, acting as a testament to the limitless potential that cooperation and creativity possess in overcoming the difficulties of the digital divide.

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