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The misuse of spirituality for money purpose

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Spirituality can be used to succeed, to earn money, to gain notoriety. But also, by many smugglers to subdue candidates for immigration ....

For its weekly show, AMAM radio team discussed this Saturday about the misuse of spirituality for money. Regine Nguini Psaila and Thomas Eyonga were the co-hosts of the talk.

It is based on spirituality, which was neither Islamic, nor Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion that Africans developed their civilisation.

The believers of African ancestral spirituality are deeply convinced that Africans who want to move forward and remain connected to themselves must connect to their ancestors who will protect them from negative happenings.

Eyonga, passionate about African spirituality, explained that practising ancestral belief allows the individuals to keep their cultural identity, present in the way of dressing, of eating together and other cultural practises specific to Africa. He warned against people smugglers who lured young people to come to Europe by using spiritual energy in a fictitious way, through oaths taken during secret ceremonies in some villages in Africa “The only purpose is to get money and that is why they create fake deals.”

Psaila argued that people smugglers destroy the lives of many young people by brainwashing them, using the oaths foolishly taken as matters of life or death. Those who are subjected to the oaths ceremony can feel lost and come to believe that themselves and their families will lose their lives if they don't respect the conditions of their pact.

This is totally false because smugglers take advantage of your fear. “Your fear is their strength,” said Psaila.

The co-hosts advised the audience to train themselves to become what they want to become and not wait for a miracle. Spiritual leaders can only give advice on how to become better.

A take away from the show could be the quote "Help yourself and Heaven will help you".

Watch the full episode here.

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