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The Fight Against Femicides And Abuses Against Women

A protest was held in Valletta to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence, femicide, (the unjust killing of women) in Malta and to commemorate the death of 44 women who was murdered in 23years.

Women performing in front of the Parliament building in Malta on the 26th November 2023. Photo: Moviment Graffitti

Sadly, this issue of domestic violence against women is not limited to Malta, neither is the mentality of the normalization of abuse against women.

Domestic violence is just one of the many abuses that women face all over the world.

Carrie( name change) is a young woman who has suffered abuses from her partner, she speaks:

Never ever make the mistake of thinking that any form of abuse will get better while you are still there. Get out before it is too late. Never ever encourage your love ones (daughter, mother, sister, or friend) to manage and stay in an abusive environment for any reason. Women deserve better.

Most common types of abuse women face

Physical abuse (domestic violence): this form of abuse can easily be identify and many women have come to the understanding that it is not ok or normal to stay in abuse. Women are not punching bags.

Sexual abuse and rape: unfortunately, not all women facing this form of abuse are aware that they are been abused, reasons being that they may be legally married to the perpetrator.

"Sexual abuse and rape is any form of sexual acts with a person without that persons consents, that may include, forcing or manipulating a person to have any form of sex, oral sex, penetrating the perpetrator’s body or and penetration of the victims."

Understanding the meaning of sexual abuse and rape makes it clear. Marriage certificate is not an excuse for rape, sex is not an obligation for women.

Emotional abuse: this is form of abuse is the most difficult to prove. And it involves extreme jealousy, verbal abuse (name calling, talking down on a person and insulting), shaming and humiliating publicly or and privately, isolating, controlling, blaming over everything and anything, and stalking.

Let’s say no to any form of abuse against women

Is not ok and is not normal

Speak up, is not normal

Seek help is not ok

It is very ok to speak out, nothing to be ashamed of.

It is very ok to seek help, please do.

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