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Refugee Week 2024 in Malta marks the third year of celebrations

The week of June 17th to 20th is dedicated to celebrating the lives of refugees in Malta through Refugee Week Malta 2024, led by Dance Without Borders.

The March for Peace during Refugee Week Malta 2022, in the streets of Valletta. Photo African Media Malta

This initiative includes numerous cultural and social activities, with the participation of at least 20 non-governmental organizations and members of society interested in improving the lives of refugees, who are an integral part of Maltese society.

Among the scheduled activities are a March for Peace, a conference, art exhibitions, public dance performances, and film screenings.

Many activities are organized across various cities in Malta, particularly in Valletta, Sliema, the 3 Cities, and many local councils are involved to ensure a vibrant celebration.

African Media actively participates in all these events by publishing information about the activities, directly participating in some events, and promoting certain artists highlighted during this grand celebration.

Check out the social media accounts for updated program of events:

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