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Reported missing, he had been dead for several days

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Ahmed Adawe Diriye, a 39-year-old Somali man had spent two days in intensive care at Mater Dei Hospital and two days in the morgue after his death when his family who had not heard from him learned he was dead.

This picture was shared by the police on social media. It helped to identify Adawe Diriye who was reported missing by his family and relatives

His death was caused by an accident at work. The man was recruited on December 20 at Marsa roundabout, a place known as a collection point where migrants congregate in the hope that potential employers will offer them a job for the day.

According to the account of a friend of the victim who contacted African Media, Diriye was recruited to work on solar panels. It was from the height of one of the panels that he lost his balance and fell.

Worried about his sudden disappearance, his room mate had alerted the police and according to a report from Malta Today, it was the dissemination of his photo by the police that nurses responsible for treating him at Mater Dei Hospital recognized him and solved the mystery which hung over the patient Mr. X, as he had been classified.

On December 22, police were informed of a workplace accident in Marsa where a man fell from the top of an implant where he was working. But it had been impossible to identify him. Police confirmed on Monday December 27 that it was Diriye.

The relatives of the deceased alleged that the employer tried to erase the traces of the accident because Adawe's phone, probably thrown away, was ringing off the hook and he had no documents that could help identify him.

Details of the deceased's employer are not yet known.

Investigations are continuing.

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