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Making good use of your time while awaiting your permanent documentation

AMAM Radio Show’s team discussed this topic resulting from the fact that many migrants who come to Malta in order to be recognised as asylum seekers have to face a procedure that can take a long time between the interviews or the final decision.

Regine Nguini Psaila and Lorraine Fotso took the opportunity to give advice on how to benefit from the waiting time that can take up to two years.

"Time is priceless" according to Fotso who said that one should not spend it lamenting, rather invest it. She advocated learning and gaining skills in a field one would like to become an expert in. This can speed up the asylum seekers process if it a skill needed in the country.

Psaila presented several free platforms that allow for training in different areas. She mentioned the MOOCs ( Massive OnlineOpen Courses) that are given by most of the best schools and universities in the world, allowing for the less fortunate to access very good quality education. Coursera, EdX and France Université Numérique are some names she shared with the audience.

Taking social media as a way to make good use of the waiting, she spoke about Khaby Lame, a young Italian-Senegalese who is now the most followed tiktoker in the world. Using only his smartphone and the internet, he has conquered the world.

Nowadays, with just a phone and a good imagination, it is possible to create a YouTube page and make money from it.

The two hosts wanted to stress the importance of the "aftermath" if unfortunately, one does not get a positive reply from the asylum request. At least, one would have acquired a skill that could be a game changer or even a lifesaver.

Watch the full episode here.

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