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"I will not wish to my worse enemy what I went through on my way to Europe"

At the age of 15, Lamine Sadi embarked on a perilous journey from West Africa to the shores of Malta, a journey marked by challenges that most of us can only imagine. Watch the interview.

He crossed the deadly Sahara desert and braved the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. His experience is documented in a book that will be published soon.

All chapters will resonate with aspirant immigrants, African leaders, and parents alike, as Sadi's message is simple : "Don't do it!"

I will not wish to my worse enemy what I went through on my way to Europe

Marked by tears and hardships, his first-hand experience honestly documented serves as a caution for those considering a similar journey.

An episode in the Sahara desert reads:

One of the greatest dangers we faced in the Sahara was the lack of food. We had brought some provisions with us, but they quickly dwindled. We resorted to eating whatever we could find in the desert, such as insects and plants, just to sustain ourselves. Hunger gnawed at our stomachs, and we became weaker with each passing day.

Lamine Sadi arrived to Malta in 2015 aged 15. He advocates today for a education and solutions to end irregular migration.

Titled "From the River to the Desert", Sadi's story is a testament to the resilience and courage of many young people like himself looking for a brighter future.

But, more importantly, it highlights the pressing need for comprehensive solutions to address the root causes of irregular migration.

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