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Empowering Youth Migrants in Malta,Italy and France with Podcasting skills

A new project aimed at empowering youth migrants in Malta, Italy and France

with podcasting skills has been launched. The project, funded by the Erasmus plus of the

EU, has involved piloting a training course for over 50 young migrants.

The Podcast_Inc project ran throughout the month of February 2023. Participants discussed the impact of human rights in their life. Photo African Media

The course includes modules on critical thinking, citizen journalism, audio production, and

publicity. Through the training, participants have gained essential skills in audio production

and storytelling, which they can use to share their personal stories and experiences.

The project is designed to support migrant youth who face various challenges such as

language barriers, limited access to education, and social isolation. By providing them with

podcasting skills, the project aims to help them overcome these challenges and become

active contributors to their communities.

We believe that everyone should have a voice, and Podcast_Inc is a powerful tool for amplifying those voices

"We believe that everyone should have a voice, and Podcast_Inc is a powerful tool for

amplifying those voices," said Regine Psaila, the project coordinator. "By equipping young

migrants with these skills, we hope to empower them to tell their own stories and share their

unique perspectives with the world."

The training course has been well received by participants, who have found it to be a

valuable learning experience. "I've always wanted to learn how to produce podcasts, and

this training has given me the opportunity to do so," said Felix Ketcha, a young migrant who

took part in the training. "I'm excited to use my new skills to share my story with others."

The project is expected to have a positive impact on migrant youth in Malta, Italy and

France. By giving them a platform to express themselves and share their experiences, the

project aims to help break down stereotypes and promote greater understanding and

acceptance of migrants in society.

The project is led by African Media Association in Malta, in partnership with Radio Kalon in

France and Share radio in Italy.


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