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Empowering African Fashion: An Interview with the Woman Behind Samba Afriglam Malta

A must watch. Generous and passionate, Autty Samba communicates her passion for fashion with natural: "Samba is my first name, this brand is me, it's what I am, what I believe, what I stand for, what I want to offer to society", she said.

Sometimes associated with summer fashion, African couture has yet to properly penetrate the Maltese market. Yet, with Malta's growing African community and the resulting multiculturalism, fashion is set to open up more widely.

In this interview, Autty Samba talks about her life, moving from a successful career as an accountant to the bold venture of creating her own fashion label. It was her adoration for African fashion that drove her to take this perilous leap, abandoning the lure of a lucrative job to pursue her dreams.

Samba's words echo a burning desire to go from being a mere employee to managing her own entrepreneurial journey, and today Samba Afriglam is the living embodiment of her aspiration.

The opening of a fashion boutique has raised awareness of African culture.

As part of the interview, Samba offers advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs, highlighting the essential roles of diligence and unwavering determination. Not only does she meticulously organizes her store's collection, she also manages her own digital presence on various social media platforms, as well as being the creator and the editor of her company's website.

Samba Afriglam is more than just a fashion store; it's a celebration of African culture and style in the heart of Malta. " The opening of a fashion boutique has enabled us to reach more Africans and raise awareness of African culture." She said.

Samba Afriglam is situated in 71 Naxxar Road, Birkirkara.

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