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African couples in Europe are divorcing

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

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The topic of the weekly radio show that was aired on AMAM radio last Saturday raised the issue of the divorce of African couples when they arrive in Europe. Regine Psaila, Lorraine Fotso and Anthony Richard discussed what could be the reasons behind the “change” perceived by African men.

According to many of them, women embrace the Western culture and start disregarding their husbands. A lot is said about their "change" or "transformation". Indeed, It is true that women change and their mentalities as well.

Richard explained that as soon as women start working, their behaviours is transfomed automatically. They don't have the same attention as before. For example : cooking for the family, washing their husband's clothes and shoes, looking after the children.

But why do couples divorce?

It is a means of emancipation for women. They are disappointed by the low engagement of their husbands in the private life of the couple. Also, the cultural difference matters : African women come from a patriarchal society, so when in contact with the European society that protects their rights, they discover their value.

Psaila demonstrated that women need to feel loved. Therefore, in order to maintain harmony within the couple, going out to restaurants, cinemas, walking and communication should be at the heart of the relationship.

Fotso suggested that it is important to know each other's expectations before getting married. These may include the division of household tasks, the decision to have children and each other's ambitions.

The debates were interesting and very informative with advice and suggestions given to couples and families who are living the situation discussed.

Watch the full episode here :

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