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21 March : International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

“Youth standing up against racism” : 2021 theme of the UN

COVID-19 is reinforcing inequalities. The pandemic is impacting young people, including those from minority backgrounds. Roots of racism against ethnic groups and nationalities increase like a “parallel pandemic” according to the UN.

Moreover ethnic minorities are facing hardship to keep up with their education. They are also hit by the constriction of the labor market with less employment opportunities and serious difficulties to participate in public life.

Nevertheless, youth show a strong involvement against discrimination, as seen during the 2020 Black Lives Matter marches, where millions of demonstrators showed up all around the world. That public advocacy of united young people was a sign that the future of racial injustice's battles is in safe hands 🏿

🔎 Take a glance at the history : The Sharpeville massacre

March 21, 1960 left a mark in the history of racial discrimination. In the Township of Sharpeville in South Africa, the police opened fire in a crowd of 7000 protesters during a day of demonstrations against apartheid “pass laws”. 69 people were killed and 180 others injured.

Since 1979, a week of solidarity with people facing racism and racial discrimination culminates on March 21 and It is celebrated across all States.

Apartheid was abolished in the early 1990s after almost 40 years of racial segregation system.


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