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Good neighborhood dinner to promote multiculturalism. Watch.

"Good neighborhood dinner" organized by The Archbishop of Malta, to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity.

It comes as a response to the assassination by two soldiers of the Malta Armed Force, of #lassanacisse, an Ivorian asylum seeker, a hate crime that happened by a shoot-and- run from a car, on the 6th April this year.

The man was killed "just because he was black".

During the dinner that took place on the 11th June, the well known Human Right lawyer and pastor Ahmed Bugri, Maltese Citizen and originally from Ghana, praised the initiative, thanked the Archbishop for the idea and imparted his blessings to the assistance. He added "Since I have been living in Malta, it is the first time I see Maltese and Africans having dinner seated on the same tables".

Around 70 people, Maltese and Africans were invited to the dinner and assigned seats on the 12 tables set for the event, in such a way that many nationalities spent the evening conversing and dining together.

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