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DIER: Contract of service or Contract of employment

A contract of service means an agreement, whether verbal or in writing, where a person binds him/herself to render service to, or to do work for, an employer in return of wages.

In those cases where no written contract has been signed, the employer is bound to give the employee a signed statement.

Probation Period:

This is an established period at commencement of employment. During which the employee is assessed by the employer for his suitability for the job and the employee decides whether he/she

wants to continue his employment in that particular job. During this period, either party may terminate the employment without assigning any reason, provided that one week notice is given if the employment has exceeded one month.

What is the minimum wage for the current year?

For 2019, the national minimum wage per week of whole-time employees is:

  • 18 years and above- 4.31 euros

  • 17 years - 4.14 euros

  • Below 17 years - 4.07 euros

The normal hours of work is 8 hours a day so 40 hours a week.

Over time

Most overtime wages are one and a half the amount of the minimum wage per hour.

An employee can refuse overtime if it exceeds 48 hours a week.

The wage payable to the employee can consist of a commission so long as the minimum weekly wage is guaranteed and such minimum wage is paid at regular intervals not exceeding four weeks in arrears

In so far as sick leave is concerned, the employee shall have the right to request , up to a maximum of four times a year, the sick leave entitlement and the number of hours of sick leave availed of during a calendar year. The employer is obliged to divulge this information in writing within five working days from the request.

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