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DIER : Department for industrial and Employment Relations. Part 1 of a series dedicated to labor in

The Department of Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER) is a Maltese institution that seeks to protect the interest of parties in employment contracts while actively promoting a healthy employment relationship.

They trait various aspects of the Industrial and Employment Relations field, such as :

  • Conditions of Employment

  • Industrial Relations

  • International Relations

The main activities of the department on conditions of employment are :

  • Inform about the conditions of employment in various sectors of the Maltese economy

  • Regulating employment contracts equally to ensure rights and obligations pertaining to each party.

  • Taking necessary steps to assist the parties involved in employment relationship whose employment relationship has been terminated

  • To foster and promote good practices inline with existing employment legislation.

Regarding the Industrial Relations :

  • Facilitate a healthy relationship between employers associations and trade unions

  • Providing machinery for the voluntary settlement of trade disputes and promoting such settlement

And for the International Relations their activities are :

  • To coordinate closely primarily with the European Union and other International Labour Organisations as well as with government bodies which are involved in the employment and industrial relations field.

  • To maintain contacts at the technical level with international bodies including the I.L.O (International Labour Organization) in regard to international obligations ratified by Malta in the field of labour

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