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Maltese culture part.1

The island of Malta has the particularity to mix so many cultural influences thanks to the different colonies and civilisations.

The Maltese Islands had known a Neolithic period that can be seen thanks to the remained temples present throughout the country. Later on, some other civilisations left their marks.

In particular in 870 A.D the Arabs conquered the country and were established here for a lot of centuries which left an important traces in the Maltese language.

Thereafter it's the French with Napoleon who arrived but just for a brief time because the Maltese decided to get rid of them. They sought help and called the British in 1800 to support them in order to take back control of their island. So the British stayed until 1964 that is why English is one of the official language.

But there are others causes like the external influence of neighbourhood countries or even immigration.

It is a country where multiculturalism is present so everyone can find their place here.

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