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Asylum procedure in Malta part.3

Subsidiary protection

The Subsidiary protection status is the international protection for persons seeking asylum who do not qualify as refugees but in respect of whom substantial grounds have been shown, believing that the person concerned, if returned to his or her country of origin, would face a real risk of suffering serious harm. It is a form of temporary protection, subject to revocation if the causes that provoked the displacement disappear.

Persons granted subsidiary protection shall enjoy the right :

  • To remain in Malta with freedom of movement and to be granted personal documents, including a residence permit for a period of one year, which shall be renewable;

  • To be provided with documents which enable him to travel especially when serious humanitarian reasons arise that require his presence in another State;

  • To have access to employment, subject to labour market considerations, core social welfare benefits, appropriate accommodation, integration program

  • State education and training, to receive core state medical care, especially in the case of vulnerable groups of persons. Dependant members of the family of a person granted subsidiary protection, if they are in Malta at the time of decision, enjoy the same rights and benefits as the person enjoying subsidiary protection status so that family unity may be maintained. (

Currently, holders of Subsidiary Protection status enjoy the following rights:

  • They can have access to free accommodation at Open Centres. An open centre Residence permit must be renewed periodically.

  • They require work permit to work legally, provided by JobPlus and renewable every 1 year. It's not eligible for certain jobs like police or military, but gives access to employment training programs at JobPlus.

They must pay tax on wages, but do not have access to many employment benefits.

  • They enjoy the same education rights as refugees.

  • A financial assistance of 65.22€ can be provided every two weeks to those in unemployment. To receive this assistance, they have to be registered at an Open Centre and sign a presence sheet 3 times per week.

  • For the moment, the health care is being given on humanitarian basis.

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