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Maltese Culture

The Maltese Islands have the particularity to mix many cultural influences thanks to the external impacts of neighborhood countries, immigration or even the different colonies and civilizations.

The country had known a Neolithic period that can be seen thanks to some remained temples. Later on, some other civilizations left their marks. In particular the Arabs 870 A.D which left important traces in the language.

Also in 1800 The Maltese decided to get rid of the French and sought help from the British who stayed until 1964, that is why English is one of the official language.

After the independence of Malta in 1964, the country decided to keep the British system of public administration, education and legislation.

Currently a republican state since 1974, all citizens can have their issues identified and heard.

Every 5 years the elections take place when we can distinguish two major political parties, the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party. It’s an important event during which all the population is involved and it is taken very seriously.

On the election day, everybody is glued to the television screen to follow the event, it’s like a tradition.

Maltese customs and traditions are rooted into the daily life. They are mostly based on religious parties and rural folklore.There are approximately 365 churches even if less people are church goers. Christianity can be seen across great works of art and also mainly during religious festivities that bring all the country together. Christianity arrived in 60 A.D by Saint Paul, he performed several miracles and converted the governor, and all the people followed.

The Ministry for Culture and the Arts plays an important role, it makes sure to keep these traditions alive by facilitating several festivals.

It is a country where multiculturalism is present, it’s visible with foods, musics, dances from many influences.

The museums, exhibits and religious temples, coupled with the beautiful landscape makes Malta a rich travel.

Between paradise destination and cultural travel, Malta can give you another life's perspective.

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