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Why so much drugs and substance abusers?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Over the years, drugs and substance abusers has increased drastically.

A batch of KHAT, plant containing two main stimulant drugs.

How do kids’ end up with drugs and substances?

Kids born by substance abusers’ parents are at higher risk of becoming an addict. Kids below the age of 13 look up to their parents and older ones as a role model, leaving them with no other choice than to follow the example set in the family. However, not every substance abuser Kids were raised by an abuser parent.

Other reasons why people give in to substance abuse

Peer pressure: the feeling of wanting to belong and be respected by our peers

Curiosity: wanting to know how it feels, how and what it tests like.

Misleading information from abusers making one thinks or believes it can help them forget their

pain, problems and worries.

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Article produced in the framework of the RadioLit project, managed by African Media Association and funded by the US Embassy Malta, through the JuliaTaft Refugee Fund.

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