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The power of music: Being happy is a choice, said the artist Young G Kay

Picture : Young G Kay's Instagram account

AMAM Radio Show today 17th of December 2021 hosts the artist Young G Kay, real name Steven Peter Gatkuoth.

He is a young musician from South Sudan, who from his tormented land, took the perilous routes across the Sahara Desert, suffered atrocities in Libya where he was shot.

After seven failed attempts to reach Europe through the Mediterranean Sea, he finally made it eight times and was unlawfully placed in detention as it happened to many asylum seekers reaching Maltese shores.

While in prison in Libya where migrants are trapped, he had time to write numerous songs.

He sings hip hop, afrobeat, rap and dancehall. Currently, he is assisted by the Artist Protection Fund of the Institute for International Education, in residence at KOPIN Malta.

Present on the show were also his producer Aidan Somers and his friend and duo partner SDB Okojie The video of their single “Gorabendu”. is already available to watch here :

For Young G kay, : "Being happy is a choice". He has made this sentence his motto.

You can follow all the news on Young G Kay's social networks below :

Watch the full episode here.

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