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Radioliteracy Project Trains Migrant Youth to Fight Drug Addiction in Their Communities

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

A session of the RadioLit workshop in Valletta. More than 15 young men and women took part of the activities conducted in French, English and Arabic. Photo African Media

The Radioliteracy Project, led by the African Media Association and funded by the US Embassy Malta through the Julia Taft Fund for Refugees, has successfully trained 17 young men and women from migrant communities on how to raise awareness against drug addiction, using radio and audio tools.

Since Malta legalised cannabis in December 2021, there has been the wrong perception that it can be used without precautions. It was so important to be part of the awareness campaign to educate on the dangers of drugs in the migrant communities. The training was conducted in English, French and Arabic, in order to reach all communities.

In addition to the practical radio/podcast broadcasting skills acquired by the participants, the project also created a training course as its main output. This course is available on the African Media website as an open-source resource and can be accessed, downloaded and used by any youth worker as an educational material.

All resources produced by the participants are now available as podcasts on Spotify, and the articles written by them published on the African Media website. "This will ensure that their messages and the skills they have acquired can reach a wider audience and the training resource can help others", said Regine Psaila, of the African Media Association

The youth produced a series of radio programs that focused on drug addiction, its effects on individuals and families.

Over 20 articles were written by the participants and several online live shows were done with migrants.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project," said Precious, one of the participants. "The training has given me the skills and confidence to use radio as a tool for social change. I am now better equipped to raise awareness about the dangers of drug addiction and help those in need."

The Radioliteracy Project is an example of the US Embassy Malta's commitment to supporting migrant communities and promoting social inclusion. The project's success demonstrates the power of collaboration and highlights the importance of investing in youth empowerment and education.

Click on the cover below to consult or download the training course.

RadioLit Training course
Download PDF • 1.00MB

For more information, please contact:

African Media Association Malta

Tel: +35699069363


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