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Opinion & Fact

During the Podcast'Inc workshop, we had an insightful discussion on the distinction between opinions and facts, which is crucial to understanding information accurately.

An opinion is a subjective viewpoint that varies based on an individual's criteria and thoughts, making it difficult to prove with evidence. ©Julia Versagrande. Photo CC.

A fact is an objective and verifiable piece of information that can be verified through fact-checking, despite the possibility of error.

A journalist must possess the skill to distinguish "opinions and facts." While reporting news, the journalist is not permitted to express their personal opinions. However, they are allowed to incorporate the opinions of individuals featured in the news story.

Understanding the distinction between an opinion and a fact is critical, as it allows us to differentiate between subjective views and objective information that can be verified. The Podcast's workshop highlighted the importance of fact-checking. and the role of journalists in reporting news objectively. By upholding this differentiation, we can ensure that the information we consume is reliable and accurate, promoting a better-informed society.

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