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Freedom of opinion, expression, and thought

Every individual has the right to hold opinions without any restrictions, search for information, receive it, and share it through various means.

This right also includes the freedom to express oneself when, where, and how they want, without causing harm to others, damaging their reputation, lying, or using misleading words. It is considered a fundamental human right under this article.

It enhances an individual's participation in decision-making and provides a mechanism that leads to a balance between change and arrogance.

May 3rd of each year is designated as the International Day of Freedom of Expression, aiming to encourage states to prioritize freedom of expression and the press, raise public awareness about this issue, and empower decision-makers to make informed and just decisions. © Andrea Piacquadio. Photo CC.


This article has been published as part of the Podcast'Inc project, which is funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

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