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Discovering Malta: what's your favourite place?

It’s in Valletta, the famous capital of Malta. It is a popular destination for tourists from all over Europe, with its streets, beach, postcard decors, historic places, and panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea. Once again, the AMAM Team went out for a VOX POP and the question was: “What are your favorite places in Malta? Let's find out what they have to say!

The team of AMAM Vox Pop interviewed many tourists but also locals who expressed their feelings.

That day, the streets were full of people, and many of them were going to the beach or eating & enjoying themselves outside,  but unfortunately many didn’t want to talk to us and that's understandable.

The Maltese were more open to talking about their country and the beauty of the island. Some interviewees said their preference is for quiet places without noise.  Some mentioned historical places such as  Mdina, while others spoke about hotels, shops, Valletta, and for lovers of nightlife, the famous Paceville with its clubs, hotels, and pubs.

For most of the people interviewed,  the environment, culture, and safety play a role in the best places on the island. 


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