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22-year-old woman dies in her sleep after being treated with Panadol for excruciating stomach pains

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The relatives of young Makeme Camara testify to recurrent stomach pains, repeated visits to the emergency room and her refusal to go to the hospital because "she was only prescribed Panadol".

Updated on December 30 for the change of the funeral date.

Makeme Camara was originary form Guinea Conakry. Her friends are unanimous about her generosity. Picture by her relatives

Makeme Camara was a migrant from Guinea Conakry who did not wake up on Wednesday, December 21 from her bed in her apartment in Marsa.

According to her relatives, she died of complications from two huge fibroids in her belly.

"More than once, I called the ambulance because she was always in pain," said Fofana Ibrahima, a young man from Côte d'Ivoire with whom the deceased was in a relationship. They had plans to marry.

Makeme refused to go to the hospital on that fatal Tuesday, even though she was in excruciating pain. "I insisted that she go to Mater Dei, but she refused, saying that they would only give her Panadol anyway," said Fofana.

A friend of the deceased who preferred to remain anonymous confirmed Makeme's refusal to trust the doctors. She explains this choice by the negligence of which the immigrants are victims in the public health centres: "They don't care about us, migrants in the hospital here. No matter how bad you feel, they tell you to take Panadol.

Fofana says he still doesn't realize what is happening to him: "Tuesday night I slept next to a living woman and in the morning I woke up next to a dead one," he says.

A friend who preferred to remain anonymous said how generous the deceased was, always ready to help.

Makeme Camara arrived in Malta in March 2019 from Libya. She was part of a group of 108 migrants rescued at sea by the Maltese Armed Forces while on board the vessel El Hiblu, a ship that according to Maltese authorities, had been hijacked by the group of migrants who forced the captain of the boat to take them to Europe. Three minors considered leaders of the group were arrested upon their arrival in the island. Until the publication of this article, they are still under trial, accused of terrorism and piracy on the high seas.

The body of Makeme is kept in the morgue of Mater Dei Hospital. The police have opened an investigation to determine the exact cause of her death.

The deceased is said to have relatives in France who are planning to travel to Malta.

Friends are collecting money for her funeral initially scheduled for Friday, December 31, but halted by the hospital on December 30 due to developments in the case. The family was notified that a new autopsy is to be performed.

Our request to speak with the doctor in charge of her case remained unanswered.

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