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Self Branding through a video CV using your mobile phone. UpGrad_Me project delivers bilingual outpu

Three organizations active in the field of social inclusion of migrant youths came together to work on the idea of self-branding using mobile Google apps, creating a training course for youth workers meant to give them an additional and innovative resource to better train migrant youths at risk of exclusion. The 18-months-long project comes to an end in February and the organizers are proud to present the output that will be made available to the public during the closure ceremony scheduled in Valletta on the 18th.

UpGrad_Me is a project whose aim was to develop contents capable to enhance migrant youth employability by building their capacity. The motto “self-branding through a Video CV using your mobile phone" was the acknowledgement by the partners involved of the fact that migrant youths at risk of social exclusion and poverty do not possess a computer, but have all a smart phone, whose potentials are ignored for low awareness in digital literacy. So, included in the learning outcome of the training is the capacity to harness the power of their mobile phone, an element which was also one of the objectives of the project.

Topics developed in the training course produced are, among others, soft and transversal skills, self-branding principles, smart phones usage and video editing tips. During the piloting that took place in May 2019 in order to check its effectiveness, participants learnt how to search and apply to online job vacancies autonomously, using their mobile phones.

Modules covered were:

Creating an email address and a Google account linked with Drive to store documents online,

Maps to find their way and never again arrive late for a job interview, YouTube to set up a channel and publish their video CV. Another important part of the training was the technical empowerment of the participants who, through simulation, learnt how to create their CV and a cover letter using the Europass templates. They were also walked through the process of editing their video CV on a mobile phone video editor.

All the topics above mentioned are some of the components of the training material, which was written in a tutorial-style way in order to make it accessible and understandable to all, regardless of the background knowledge.

Funded by Erasmus plus, UpGrad_Me was led by African Media association Malta, in partnership with Solidaridad Sin Fronteras in Spain and Arciragazzi Portici in Italy.

Closure events are held contemporaneously this month in the three partner countries.

The training course available in English and in Spanish can be downloaded and used by anyone interested.

Link for the manual in English here.

In Spanish here.

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