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Migrant Entrepreneurship

Malta, one of the smallest countries of the EU, attracts more and more African migrant.

In fact, on this island with a prosperous economy, there are a lot of work opportunities.

But often, the jobs proposed to migrants are insecure and many accept them in order to survive, while hoping and looking for a better opportunity.

However, another solution is possible.

In fact, to work independently, entrepreneurship is an option. Today, more and more people decide to become their own boss.

So, why entrepreneurship can be a viable solution for migrants?

At first, entrepreneurship, according to the business dictionary, is "the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any its risks in order to make a profit".

Start a business which looks like you. A job based on your abilities, skills and passions.

Entrepreneurship is not limited to a particular class of person. Indeed, everyone has the opportunity to get started in entrepreneurship. For example, you like cooking? Why not open your own restaurant?

But be careful, becoming an entrepreneur is also a big commitment and requires some qualities. We have to be creative, organized, rigorous... and determinate.

In fact, determination is very important for aspirant entrepreneurs. Because the procedure to open your business can be longer and bureaucratic. In addition, there are also financial challenges, usually, migrants don't have the required capital to start business and they meet difficulties to acquiring bank loans and guarantees. Not to mention the language barrier, which can sometimes be a problem.

But don't panic! In Malta, there are different places where you can find some help if you are interested.

Business 1st, can provide "the necessary assistance for one to set up his/her business". The link of their site is .

Jobsplus, the national job agency, is an other organization that can help you (depending on your status). Their mission "is to enhance accessibility to the labour market" and you can check their website .

Moreover, there are also several NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) in Malta which can help you in these steps. For example, The People for Change Foundation (PFC), has set up free training sessions to help and provide advice to people interested in creating and running their own business. You can have access to more info consulting the project's link on the website (

As for the language barrier, determination plays an important role into the path to starting a business, so learning the language of the host country will naturally fit into the agenda.

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