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“UpGrade_Me”: Smart phones usage.

The function of the smartphone has switched from being a device to make phone calls to a powerful working tool. In fact, its multiple functions are as wide and useful as that of a computer. To use it to its full potential, one has to load it with useful apps that meet one’s purpose.

Thanks to this training,participants will be able to create and produce a CV and a cover letter from the Europass platform using a simple template.

In order to perform any activity online, you need a computer or a smartphone, and an internet connection. In this course, we will use a smartphone to achieve our goal.

An email is an electronic address that keeps you in communication with many stakeholders. For a worker or a job seeker, it is crucial to have an email because it is the main means of communication used by employers. It is easier, faster, and it is the modern way of communication.

YouTube is an application that allows you to create your own video channel, store and share your videos with the world. Here you will learn how to launch your channel, upload your videos and share them.

It can gives you opportunities related to communication and marketing.

Kinemaster is a simple and free video editor for smartphones that allows you to shoot and edit videos that are easily shareable online.

You can add text, animation, or music to your videos.

For this training, we will record the video in the built in camera of your smartphone, and import it into Kinemaster.

Google Drive give you the possibility to store your documents online in case you lose your device, so you can always have access to them from another device. It is a huge cloud based folder linked with your Gmail account.

Within the Drive app on your phone, you can scan many documents and store them in the cloud, in order to access them anytime and send them from the drive.

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