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The video CV. What is that? Erasmus Plus and “UpGrade_Me

Nowadays the CV is not only a paper document, but today everything is digital.

A video curriculum is a presentation of a person looking for a job. The video presentation is captured by a camera or smartphone and spread out via internet it is an innovative way to reach out to employers and grab their attention. During this exercise, the performer has one minute to sell himself as a brand to any employer. This is really appreciated by Human Resources departments and an original way to promote your skills.

  • Be clear, short and concise!

  • Look at the camera and put all your energy, show your enthusiasm!

  • Be creative and be yourself

  • Don't forget to mention your contact details (name, e-mail address, cell-phone).

Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you will be. You are trying to give a good impression to a potential employer, so dress well and be well groomed. Choose a neutral background (white wall or any uniform pattern) that doesn't distract the viewer and take away the attention from you. When the phone is positioned, step back to set a distance between you and the camera that allows you to be framed at the mid body, having in mind that your voice must be very clear. When you have found the right distance, press the record button and wait 10 seconds before starting talking, this will be useful during the editing. Start practicing your video CV. Record as many times as possible until you are satisfied.

While talking, stay on your feet and speak up and very clearly. Look directly into the lens of the camera, remember that you are talking to someone and eye contact is important. Make sure to smile, you want to convey confidence. Give a cadence to your voice, and accompany your words with movements of your hands to emphasize your speech.

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