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Asylum procedure in Malta part.4

On 15 November 2018, the Maltese Government announced the SRA ( Specific Residence Authorisation) policy which offers the possibility for asylum seekers to pass from a temporary situation to a more stable one, a policy that respects the principles of “transparency and predictability.”

This policy will also contribute to struggle against migrants poverty and anxiety.

It's accessible to holders of the Temporary Humanitarian Protection status. It is also accessible to people that cannot be returned to their countries of origin, whose asylum claim had been rejected and who have showed integration efforts during their time in Malta. For this category, they must show evidence that they entered irregularly in Malta before 2016 and that they have been in employment for a minimum of 9 months every year.

Persons who get an SRA will receive :

  • a two years residence permit with possibility of renewal

  • access to core welfare

  • an employment licence

  • access to state medical care

  • education

  • training

  • a travel document

The goal of this new policy is to reduce the social exclusion of migrants and recognise their efforts into the Maltese society.

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