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Annual Integration conference

The first Annual Integration Conference was held on the 14th December 2018 in Corinthia Hotel, under the supervision of Minister Helena Dalli.

It is the culmination of a year of meetings taking place into the Forum of Integration Affairs, that was set up early this year in order to create a channel of communication between the government and the members of the communities living in Malta.

Among the achievements of the Integration Policy put in place are:

The integration program called "I belong", open for registration to all foreigners living in Malta.

The SRA, Specific Residence Authorisation, a residence permit open to migrants who can prove a regular residency, and at least 9 months of employment activity by year in Malta for the past 5 years. Failed asylum seekers meeting those requirements will also be regularized.

A project called TTT( Turn The Table), proposed by the government and handed over to be managed by the migrants communities, in order for them to create and design a policy that will then be discussed with the authorities for approval.

Attending the conference was the Minister Helena Dalli, who appointed the members of the Forum at the beginning of the year.

The "I belong" program was explained in more detail to the participants.

Some relevant interventions during the Q&A sessions .

Dr Falzon: "The integration will remain a colourful thing if it is limited at inviting migrants at the local fiesta. They should be given access to the vote and to citizenship, the only way to create a real sense of belonging."

Francois Mifsud: "It is unacceptable that migrants carry all their money in their pocket because they are denied the right to open a bank account"

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