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Acquarius Odissea, and Italy said NO

Happening almost live: Italy said no to Acquarius, Malta said No...Spain decided to accept the Boat, putting an end to the odissea of 600 people.

Italian Prime Minister thanks Spain, and says Europe must share responsability.

Matteo Salvini in a press conference said that After Acquarus, there is already another boat flying German flag, ready to carry another load of migrants from Libya. He added that ironically, there is not a single boat flying Italian flag, but all want to bring people rescued in Italy.

He wondered why they don't take them to the flag they represent.

He added that Italy position will remain what it is at present: Italy is closing his doors, to avoid to become "the Europe Refugee Camp".

He said that ironically, Italy offered to receive Pregnant women and sick persons from the Acquarius, but no reply came from the crew.

Unfortunately this story is be continued

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