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Is immigration a crisis or an engineered plan?

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Looking at the European society today, we can witness a massive change in terms of composure. The European population has a higher mortality rate than a natality one. How can the European sustains its population?

The migrant population is the one who keeps the balance. It is the migrant population which represents nowadays European citizens. France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, England, Italy, Spain and many more have changed demographic rate due its harsh reality of ageing.

During the glorious European economic time, migrants were welcome to work in Europe. The first generation were good enough to work. Their children were born on European soil. The social separation between the nationals and the foreign nationals has been emphasized by institutionalized racism each European country applied.

Despite being both economically active, the foreign national community was excluded due to its background. Parked in suburbs where social flats tower were their hometowns. It became ghettos, satellites cities to the cities where crimes and social poverty were what their host allowed them to live in. Some ‘made’ it and were ‘integrated’, others stagnated into a social chaos. Most of them were granted host nationality. What we omit in this social change is the right to vote. These citizens are the one who give politicians the poles they need! That’s why in European countries muslim communities are ‘protected’ by the State. A fact that people do not accept and comprehend despite the veracity of facts. The media and political propaganda about the immigrant fed the ignorance and fear to the masses. How many times did we hear that immigrants steal jobs? Were jobs not accessible to all? Who chose to hire immigrants at low cost for position no national would do? The obsolete scapegoat stereotype is not up to date, automation will swipe jobs from everybody…

Today we hear about terrorism from muslim communities but Muslim cash is welcomed by Western government but not their people. I am speaking about Wahhabi cash, the oil cash from filthy rich Saudi, Koweit, Qatar and other who feast with European politicians and profit to the Western government bank account. Are they less muslim than muslim migrants? The franticness about terrorism is an illusion, a justification to invade each of us privacy and militarise our streets. Far right wings keep spitting the hate and no solution plan they have to confuse even more the population. In the mean time, all Western government trade with extremist group for oil and other commodities. Innocent victims are killed under the name of terrorist attack. Bruxelles, Paris, London and Spain are all examples of collateral damage these governments sacrificed. Seeding fear in its citizens mind and invading other nations like Iraq, Libya because a war has to be justified. The citizen’s sons and daughters are sent to war and kill for a patriotism which doesn’t exist. How long are we going to be passive about this insanity?

Colonisation has a history of migration as well as the after second world wars. Thousands of Europeans left their countries due to economic reasons, safety and inhuman conditions. When colonialists invaded new lands, their migrants had the firm intention to destroy in the most savage manner the indigenous population.Their migration was a genocidal assault, a shameful theft of lands and resources which contributed to established a wealthy and powerful western society. It contributed to fund the industrialisation era Europe is so proud to teach to our children. That wealth and power from the West stands on the blood and suffering of foreign nations. The deep belief that it was justified and contributed to evolving is only a belief.

Slavery and colonisation were historic ignominies globally recognised.

Europeans extended the colonialism abolished by promoting corrupted and inept leaders in ex colonised countries, a way to keep profiting freely from the resources without applying fairness and equality in the trade exchange with foreign nations. Maybe indigenous could have applied the illegality to the invasion or closed their borders ? Then the global situation today would have been different. Today a group of auto proclaimed “gendarmes of the world” chose to bomb without impunity foreign nations such as Libya, Syria and stirs up civil wars in Africa and other parts of the globe. Mass weapons destruction are used against innocent civilians in the name of fight against terrorism. Irony accepted globally to fund more wars and kill more innocents. Could we not invest more into life than death?

The greed to control resources and kill the local population is obvious. The moral standard on which some prostitute politicians operate is sickening. They have created the issue from day one but provide inefficient solutions through NGO, MONUSCO, NATO, Peace keeping militarisation and other useless bodies which are only existing to provide high positions with well paid salaries to ex colonialist and high social seekers.

What is really done to help local population?

The only goal is to steal resources, to control with the arrogant belief that it will carry on for ever. Creating migration and then blaming it, is an absurdity only a psychopathic pack of rotten politicians can sing to a disillusioned masses. The interest of powerful corporation prevails on human beings and their well being. It is the empire of shame Europe has established as a rule of power. Scandals about the members of these humanitarian bodies are guilty to abuse under age locals, raped them, tortured them. Would we not flee ourselves from this Hell? Won’t we seek refuge elsewhere? It is a human natural choice to seek refuge under these atrocities human conditions.

The whole situation is engineered and managed with a deepest wish to solve nothing. In the USA, asylum seekers families are separated, children are separated from their parent! Walmart group have given to the government their empty buildings to ‘stack’ children refugees in ‘centers’. No one has the right to enter and verify the well being of the children. Why such a secrecy about it? What really goes on behind the door of these refugees children centers? The trauma to flee a dangerous location isn’t sufficient, the country of refuge treats the traumatised human being like animals. The justification is to apply the law, what kind of justice is this? A justice often practice with partiality to let off criminals acting without impunity.

We all know that a powerful pedophile network crawls into all societies, the US isn’t different.

Are these centers created to source supply to these networks?

Colonialists have practiced family separation with the indigenous population. It was a global conclusion to qualify the act as inhuman, why is it still practice today by privilege nations?

Politics speaks about ‘concerns’ regarding the legal practice to destroy refugees families, I call it a despicable choice to abuse further vulnerable human beings.

How long will privilege societies justify their abusive way to treat refugees?

The humanitarian crisis isn’t affecting only Europe. Economically poor regions like Lebanon, Kenya, Afghanistan are dealing with refugees for the last decade.These regions don’t have the resources to handle the everyday increase of refugees fleeing danger. Not once these regions have spoken about sending them back, closing borders or separating children from their families. How come privileges societies permit themselves to do so?

The instigators of the global humanitarian crisis discuss about solutions. Are they really solving the issue they created?

I have a very simple solution, how about NOT invading, killing and destroying other countries? Colonialism never ended, it is a pattern from the terrorist imperialist privileges western societies against foreign nations. European Politicians have taken the liberty to speak and act for their citizens. Are politicians elected to act against their voters will?

I don’t think that tax payers are happy to know that their money is invested into wars and killing other human beings!

The European politics have engineered a global humanitarian crisis and its consequences are now out of control on their soils. Immigration will never stop as long as Western politic will choose wars and death over human dignity and life. It will never end because the will to live for those who have nothing to lose is stronger than border’s law applied.

I personally think that the Era of Western imposition towards other nations is coming to an end. Other nations like China, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, India and others have grown strong. A new economic world is there. The Western superiority mindset that stems from the belief that they are morally better than others and can in turn kill whenever they please cannot match the demographic power of these countries.

It is a pity that ignorance and hate prevails on humanity and reason. Despite that tragedy, the global consciousness is rising slowly, we have the capacity to see our similarities instead of focusing on our differences. We could unite to stop the machine killing other human beings.We can stop destroying our planet, the only resource we have to survive.

We have to deprogram our mind. We cannot tolerate the same mistakes from our politics and expect a different outcome…

We have to stop asking caring sensible solutions to greedy ambitious politicians, we have to find solutions ourselves and control our own destiny. We must question the actions of those who were elected to represent us and act for us, we have to start thinking about what kind of world we want and defend the freedom, the dignity of all of us, from north to south. We are a human race. We are ONE.

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