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Is immigration a crisis or an engineered plan?

June 19, 2018


Looking at the European society today, we can witness a massive change in term of composure. 

The European population has a higher mortality rate than a natality one. 

How can the European sustains its population? 


The migrant population is the one who keeps the balance. It is the migrant population which represents nowadays European citizens. France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, England, Italy, Spain and many more have changed demographic rate due its harsh reality of ageing. 

During the glorious european economic time, migrants were welcome to work in Europe. The first generation were good enough to work. Their children were born on European soil. The social separation between the nationals and the foreign nationals has been emphasised by institutionalised racism each european country applied.


Despite being both economically active, the foreign national community was excluded due to its background. Parked in suburbs where social flats tower were their home towns. It became ghettos, satellites cities to the cities where crimes and social poverty were what their host allowed them to live in. Some ‘made’ it and were ‘integrated’, others stagnated into a social chaos. Most of them were granted host nationality. What we omit in this social change is the right to vote.


These citizens are the one who give politician the poles they need! That’s why in European countries muslim communities are ‘protected’ by the State. A fact that national do not accept and comprehend despite the veracity of facts. The media and politic propaganda about the immigrant fed the ignorance and fear to the masses. How many time did we hear that immigrants stole jobs? 


Were jobs not accessible to all? Who chose to hire immigrants at low cost for position no national would do? The obsolete scapegoat stereotype is not up to date, automation will swipe jobs from everybody…


Today we hear about terrorism from muslim communities but Muslim cash is welcomed by Western government but not their people. I am speaking about Wahhabi cash, the oil cash from filthy rich Saudi, Koweit, Qatar and other who feast with European politicians and profit to the Western government bank account. 

Are they less muslim than muslim migrants? The franticness about terrorism is an illusion, a justification to invade each of us privacy and militarise our streets. Far right wings keep spitting the hate and no solution plan they have to confuse even more the population. In the mean time, all Western government trade with extremist group for oil and other commodities. Innocent victims are killed under the name of terrorist attack. Bruxelles, Paris, London and Spain are all examples of collateral damages these criminal governments sacrificed. Seeding fear in its citizens mind and invading other nations like Iraq, Libya because a war has to be justified. The citizen’s sons and daughters are sent to war and kill for a patriotism which doesn’t exist. 

How long are we going to be passive about this insanity?


Colonisation has a history of migration as well as the after second world wars. Thousands of Eur