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No one should be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile

This article underscores how crucial it is to safeguard people from being detained or arrested without justification or following the proper procedure.

The protection of personal freedom and autonomy depends on the right to be exempt from arbitrary detention, which is a fundamental human right.

Detention of a person without a valid reason or in accordance with established legal procedures is known as arbitrary detention. Serious human rights breaches, including physical and mental abuse, torture, and other forms of abuse, may result from this. ©Ggia. Photo CC.

Article 9 emphasizes the significance of a fair trial in any detention or arrest, calling for the right to information about the causes of an individual's detention or arrest, the right to counsel, and the right to a fair trial.

These protections are necessary to prevent authorities from abusing their power and to ensure that people are not subjected to arbitrary or unfair treatment.

In conclusion, Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights offers vital rights for people against arbitrary detention, expulsion, or arrest. This article serves to protect individual liberty and prevent government abuses of power by ensuring that people are not subject to arbitrary imprisonment, as well as by guaranteeing due process and fair trials.

Isha Len.

This article has been published as part of the Podcast'Inc project, which is funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

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