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Empowering Youth for Sustainable Change: The Inspiring Journey of "A Part of EU 2030"

In a world fraught with challenges, a group of NGOs embarked on a journey that transcended borders and united hearts. "A Part of EU 2030," an innovative project spearheaded by partners from Malta, Spain, Greece and Serbia, stood as a beacon of hope and action, breathing life into the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A group of youth attending activities of the A Part of EU project in Athens, Greece during a Learning, training teaching activity

As the world collectively strives to address pressing global issues, the "A Part of EU 2030" project took a remarkable stance. Bringing together 50 passionate youths – 10 from each partner country – the project breathed life into the concept of "A Path of EU Local Youth Council." Their mission? To curate transformative activities and workshops aligned with the 17 SDGs, shaping a roadmap for a more sustainable future.

In February 2023, Athens became the canvas for the project's culmination. Vibrant workshops and activities, meticulously designed to align with the SDGs, were brought to life. The event painted a vivid picture of innovation, awareness, and empowerment, echoing the values that the project had been rooted in.

Handbook: From Ideas to Impact

The hallmark of this journey was the creation of a comprehensive handbook, encapsulating the essence of the project and the profound impact of the workshops. This invaluable resource, soon to be available in Spanish, Serbian and Greek, will serve as a guiding light for educators, activists, and change-makers who seek to catalyze positive change within their communities.

Amplifying Impact through Social Media

In the digital age, the power of social media cannot be understated. "A Part of EU 2030" embraced this truth, launching a resounding social media campaign that resonated across platforms. Figures don't lie – Overall, the campaign reached over 20,000 people on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, the project's official website and the mailing list combined. With compelling content that highlighted the journey, challenges, and successes, the campaign became a testament to the project's dynamism and global impact.

Voices of Change: Quotes from the Youths

As the heartbeat of "A Part of EU 2030," the youths' voices echoed with hope, passion, and determination. Two of the project's participants shared their insights:

Being part of this project has ignited a fire within me to create change. It is interesting to see that some goals that are taken for granted in some places of the world, are the necessity in order places.” Negmeldin Souleiman

Empowering young men and women in breaking stereotypes and fostering values like gender equality is crucial, while also considering the pressure put on men, who live with the social norm of being the head of families, with the burden that it can be. " Milica

A Grand Finale: Joining the Journey

The grand finale of "A Part of EU 2030" beckons, as the project culminates in final multiplier events held in each partner’s countries by the end of August. These momentous events gathering stakeholders and youths invite the media to partake in the activity. The tangible outcomes, the shared dreams, and the collective achievements will be on full display, showcasing the remarkable impact of this initiative.

Join the Movement

"A Part of EU 2030" has proven that when diverse minds come together, change is not just a possibility – it's an inevitable outcome. The project has shown that youths have the power to create ripples of transformation that extend far beyond their communities.

For more information, inquiries, and to witness the journey firsthand, please visit the project's website A PART OF EU 2030 PROJECT – APOFEU2030 and follow them on social media

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