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Empowering community - When opportunity meets preparation. Watch

Community empowerment is about telling stories of resilience and courage. In Malta, the African community is growing. Telling the achievements of leading members of the community who can serve as role models is important.

In this episode of the "empowering communities" series, which aims to promote people from the African community who arrived here as asylum seekers and are today the face of resilience,

we met Yakubu Ramanu, well known as « Jacob ».

He is a young man from Togo who arrived in Malta as an immigrant in 2007. Today, he is the owner of Jacobs repairs and sales, an electronics store in Hamrun.

During this interview, Jacob told us about his story, his challenges, the hurdles throughout the desert crossing journey to becoming a successful businessman today.

He also shared his views about current migration issues. An inspiring discussion for many of us.

Jacob went through the Libya route to arrive to Malta. Thanks to his skills, he became the TV fixer of the detention centers where he spent months. From there, his career as successful business man started. Jacob discussing with our reporter Regine Nguini . Photo African Media

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