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2nd Russia-Africa Summit, the world coffee-producing countries got nothing: Museveni

Yuweri Museveni, the President of Uganda shared his views on the history of freedom struggles in Africa and the role of Russia and other allies in supporting the continent’s development.

PR Museveni of Uganda while delivering his speech during the 2nd Russia -Africa Summit in Saint Petersburg in July 2023. Photo credit: Daily Express Uganda

He highlighted the following points:

  • The colonization and slave trade of Africa by imperialists provoked resistance movements by Pan-Africanists and Communists.

  • The inter-imperialist wars of the 20th century weakened the colonial powers and enabled African countries to gain independence.

  • The Soviet Union and China were staunch anti-imperialists and helped Africa with military and economic assistance.

  • The current challenges facing Africa include neo-colonialism, terrorism, poverty, and climate change.

  • He calls for more cooperation and dialogue between Russia and Africa to address these issues and promote industrialization, trade, and peace.

  • Museveni criticized the exportation of raw materials as a form of neo-colonialism and slavery.

  • He gave the example of the global coffee business, which is worth 460 billion US dollars annually, but the world coffee-producing countries only get 25 billion US dollars, while Africa gets a mere 2.5 billion US dollars. He called for more industrialization and value addition in Africa to increase its share of the global market.

The full speech can be read following the link below.

Download PDF • 254KB

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